Control Panel Usage Manual

Control Panel Usage Manual

EdgeUno will provide our customers with a Control Panel to manage all contracted infrastructure.


Once an order has been placed, the customer will be able to login to EdgeUno’s Control Panel from the Login link on the top menu, and will be requested to introduce an email and a password.

Once the credentials have been validated, the Client Area will be displayed, showing all the customer’s active services.

To get more information about all the services and products, inside the My Services submenu from the Services tab (on the right side of the screen) will show all the contracted services regardless of its actual status.

Once there, all the contracted services will be displayed with its current status: usable, waiting to be deployed, cancelled or terminated. The deployed assets are marked with an Active label.
When a service is selected, it will show the Manage Product area, where the customer can check the server’s information, such as status, operating system (OS), hostname, IP addresses, location, and usability options.

The action options are buttons that allow interaction with the contracted service and work as follows:

  • Boot: Allows the server to be turn on (if its status is Off)
  • Reboot: It sends the signal to the server to power cycle, meaning that it will be suddenly and abruptly stopped and all the work to reinitiate the operating system started.
  • Shutdown: Turn off the server (if its status is Running).
  • Enable rescue mode: An advanced user feature that allows the server to be booted into a service level interface if the normal booting process is not working properly.
  • noVNC KVM Console: Allows interaction with the server’s operating system to perform all the normal operations or deploying application as needed (For VPS. It only works if the product is powered On).

If a terminated/cancelled service is selected only historical data will be displayed.